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Flag Signals

Flag Signals

Green: Shown to signal the start of the warm-up lap and displayed at the end of a danger area.
Red: Shown at start/finish line and simultaneously at marshals’ post when race must be stopped immediately.
Yellow: Stationary – Slow down, do not overtake, danger ahead.

Waved – Slow down, do not overtake, be prepared to change direction or take unusual line.

2 waved – Slow down, do not overtake, be prepared to stop, the track is wholly or partially blocked.

Yellow/red strips: Stationary – Oil or water on track. Waved – Slippery surface imminent.
White: Stationary – Presence of slower car on track. Waved – Driver may be seriously obstructed by slower car.
Blue: Waved – Faster car behind is about to overtake, give way immediately.
Black: Shown with white number – Driver must pit and report to Clerk of the Course.
Black/white diagonal: Once only warning for unsportsmanlike behaviour.
Black/red spot: Competitor with number has mechanical fault and must pit.
Chequered: The race is finished.